What is the objective of EasyWay Map?

EasyWay concerns projects and services of more than 100 partners on the TERN and beyond. A lot of information dealt with by EasyWay is of geographical nature.

This includes:

This information is often interrelated e.g. installed systems will correspond with the traffic loads or problems encountered. Thus there is a considerable benefit in analyzing the network according to numerous network related properties.

How does EasyWay Map work ?

Therefore the EasyWay project decided to install a Information System to process geographical and network related data. This system is called EasyWay Map - or short EW-Map and consists of two elements:

  1. A browser based web application for input of, editing and querying data
  2. A base network derived from the database Open Street Map and adopted according to the needs of the EasyWay partners. This network is simplified and aggregated against reality but maintains the basic structure elements of the TERN (e.g. the topology of exit - to exit sequences)

Access to data in EasyWay Map is restricted to partners responsible for the respective parts of the network. EW-Map will support the production of reports and will visualize network related data in general. Since it uses a standardized location referencing information can be extracted to be further used in partners' systems. EW-Map will be first used to edit and process attributes concerning Operating Environments and thus will support the development of the Deployment Guidelines process. Other applications will follow. EasyWay Map is expected to be fully operational at the end of 2011. During October 2011 a first per-operational version will be made available to the partners.

Who is behind EasyWay Map ?

EasyWay Map is part of the EasyWay project and supported by its partners.
It can be used by all EasyWay partners. Currently partners from France, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Spain and the Viking area (Sweden, Finland, Denmark) are contributing resources to the setting-up of EasyWay Map.

For further details please contact:
Reiner Doelger
T: +49 6131 16 2283


The information shown on this map has been gathered as part of the EasyWay project and is for the sole use of the EasyWay project. It should not be taken to represent the policy or strategy of any Government, Road Authority or Road Operator.